Ongoing Projects

Programme Main Issues Target Group Area Support
Community Based Rehabilitation for the Persons With Disability Awareness, rehabilitation of PwDs, linkage with education, health services, livelihood and organizing DPOs leaders Persons with disability Ratu, Kanke and Ormanjhi Blocks of Ranchi District CBM
Poverty Reduction and Community Based Inclusive Development of Persons with Disabilities Awareness on RPDA, linkage with Govt. Programs, education, medical services, livelihood generation and strengthening DPOs federation Persons with disability Bero, Itki blocks of Ranchi and Sisiai block of Gumla district CBM
JAAGRUTI- Inclusion of Persons with disabilities through Sustainable Livelihood "To improve the quality of life of the people with disabilities through inclusive development in India" Persons with disability Chauparan Block of Hazaribagh District CBM/THF
Combating Gender Discrimination Through Empowerment of Women Empowerment Women Bero, Itki Block AHB
Strengthening Community for Child Protection through Alternative Care Alternative Child Care Children without parents Bero, Itki Block SKN
Normative Shifts through Women empowerment Engagement of individuals, communities, youth, influencers and institutions in reducing violence against women and girls Women & Girls Bharno & Sisai block Oxfam
Child line Associated with support system 1098, case follow up and collaborate with line departments. Children in distress Ranchi district Ministry of Women and Child Development