Livelihood & Inclusive Development

In general, persons with disabilities are disproportionately represented amongst the poor, because they have unequal access to medical services, rehabilitation, education, employment, skills, markets, information and credit. In addition, lack of knowledge and practice of disability inclusion, limited rehabilitation services at community level, and widespread negative attitudes towards persons with disabilities hinder the overall development.

For the empowerment of the target group of persons with disabilities, the attainment of skilling and participation in economic activity are extremely important.

The following two projects are aimed at building the capacity of DPOs on Disability Inclusive Development, Community Based Inclusive Development, Accessibility, Laws and Legislations and convergence. They further focus on the skill development and micro enterprise development.

 Community Based Inclusive Development Programme for PwDs.
Project Area : Bero & Itki Block (Ranchi District), Sisai(Gumla District)
Specific objective : To promote social and economic inclusion of PwDs by securing sustainable livelihood opportunities, rehabilitation services and establishing Community Based Institutions.
No. of villages covered : 100
No. of PwDs targeted : 21500

 JAAGRUTI- Inclusion of Persons with disabilities through Sustainable Livelihood
Project Area : Chauparan Block of Hazaribagh district
Villages : Rupin, Bhusandi, Kharahuan, Bela,Ranik, Tandih, Akrahuwan, Chakrasar,Bhadel, Koriadih, Dadpur, Bigha, Kasiadih, Amrol, Bedhana Bara
Goal of this project : “To improve the quality of life of the people with disabilities through inclusive development in India”
Specific Objectives : “To enhance the sustainable livelihood opportunities of people with disabilities in Jharkhand of India”
This project is supported by 'The Hans Foundation. This project directly engages in skill development and micro enterprise development of 140 persons with disabilities By the end of 2022, this project aims that these 140 PwDs will receive employable skills and will start micro-enterprises.
The Goal of the project is “To improve the quality of life of the people with disabilities through inclusive development”.

The strategy adopted to enhance the sustainable livelihood opportunities are :

 Preparation of Individual Rehabilitation development plan

 Provide Thematic skill training and exposure on desired livelihood trade

 Linkage with poverty reduction and livelihood (MNEGRA, NRLM, NSDC etc)

 Providing support for Establishment of Micro Enterprise development.

 Regular follow up and monitoring by project staff to ensure desired progress