Gender : Female Wing of the Organization 'Missi'

MISSI (Sister in local language), the female wing of the organization was established in 1995 to cater the specific needs of women and mainstreaming them by promoting their rights and eliminating all types of discrimination against them. specific mission of MISSI are :

Promoting the rights of women and eliminating all types of discrimination against them

Socio-Economic empowerment of women.

Providing need based Emergency, Educational & Rehabilitation services to women.

Programmes to promote Gender Equity and Equality

MISSI has played an important role in legislation of “Prevention of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005” and formation of “Jharkhand Women’s Commission”. At present it is playing active role in formulation of ‘State Policy for Women’.

At the community level MISSI has been advocating for inclusion of women in decision making process, entitlement realization and proper implementation of Govt. programmes and schemes besides providing need based emergency and skill development services. Specific activities of the Wing are- Community Mobilization, Leadership development, training of elected women representatives, Promotion of SHG & Federation, Skill development, Linkage and Networking, Support for Entitlement realization, Guidance & counselling, Need based services, and Advocacy.

Special Initiatives

Oath taking Ceremony was organized at the Police station for sensitizing the police personnel on violence against women.

Training in MISSI

Training to the members of Self Help Groups, and women in distress is being provided in the following

Trades :- Stitching, Embroidery, Vermi Composting, Soap Making, Packaging, door mat Making etc.