Child Care & Protection

CSS is committed to the protection of rights of children, irrespective of who they are, where they live, what language they speak, their religious affiliation, their gender, if they are disabled, economic background . CSS believes that no child should be treated unfairly for any reason.

CSS has been carrying out the following projects to address the issue of Child Care & Protection.

   Strengthening Community for Child Protection through Alternative Child Care in Bero and Itki Blocks of Ranchi District, Jharkhand, India”

Chotanagpur Sanskritik Sangh has been experimenting with Kinship Care and Foster Care since 1998 for Community Based Rehabilitation of Children with disability. However systematic efforts were started in 2013 for Alternative Care for CNCP under the various legal framework and provisions of ICPS Kinderpostzegels supported Project "Strengthening Community for Child Protection through Alternative Care attempts for starting systematic Alternative Care for creating a model in the state and developing a system and strengthening the allied system for effective alternative Care. Under the projects efforts are made for : providing alternative care to children, starting process for deinstitutionalization, providing access to basic service, awareness creation about alternative Care.

Parenting Skill training to Care Givers and Parents on Alternative Care

The goal of the project is "Ensuring that Children in need receive care and protection". The specific goal of the project is "Children who are vulnerable and do not receive adequate care and protection, will live in a stable family situation, are securely attached and are well".

Our intervention focuses to ensure family to each child and supporting the family to protect the child effectively. Besides financial support our interventions includes linkage of the family for the entitlement realization, capacity building on alternative care, awareness creation, development of the CP structures and creating a Model for Alternative Care in the state.

Alternative care includes support for children under Kinship Care, Foster Care, Independent children and children staying with guardians. Activities are aimed at ensuring family food security, child care and protection, proper parenting skills. CSS also makes effort to ensure that the following bodies are active and is always in regular contact with them ; District Child Protection Unit(DCPU), Child Welfare Committee(CWC) . CSS strives to ensure that the Children care and protection policies, Integrated child protections Schemes are properly implemented.

At present support is being provided to 55 needy children in the blocks of Bero & Itki of Ranchi District.

   CSS is a support partner for CHILDLINE

CHILDLINE is a national, 24-hour emergency outreach service. It is free Phone Helpline for children up to the age of 18 years in need of care and protection. The Child line number 1098 is at toll free number that is common in all cities in is a project of Govt. of India (MSJE).

Activities under this project include review of the pending cases, Increasing Child line Protection Cases, Outreach strategy and review of outreach conducted, Follow up of CAB meeting, Phone testing review, Open House, orientation about Child Protection, finalization of plan for the next week, Compliance on the feedback, Special Awareness program Case intervention protocol and discussion on the feedback on MPR by CIC, Cases received during the period and possible action to solve the cases, linkages with allied sectors etc.