Estd. 1968

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With industrialization and urbanization after independence, the Socio-cultural identity of the people of Chotanagpur Plateau was being eroded fast. To check this cultural erosion and protect the human rights the people of this region felt the need of formation of a Socio – cultural organization and this need gave birth to C.S.S. on 8th May 1968.  The organization was registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 on 11.08.1975. The organization mobilized its resources and didn't accept Grant in Aid till 1988 for promoting voluntarism. After policy level changes in the year 1988, we started accepting  During its early years Arts & Culture was used successfully as a medium of "Transformation" and to reach illiterate people of the region. In the year 1992 activities of the Organization were extended in the areas of Community Development, Health, Self-Governance, Rehabilitation of persons with disability, Agriculture, Human Resource Development IGP and Advocacy. With the objective of addressing specific needs of the most vulnerable groups of the Society i.e. Women, Children, Poor, Tribal, Persons with disability etc. different wings of the organization were established in 1995. In the same year the Organization was registered under FCRA.


Registration No & Date : 37 dt 11.08.1975(Old), No. 670- 01.12.2006(New)
Registration : FCRA 337800044, 05.01.1995
Other Registration : 12-A, PAN, TAN
Chief Functionary : Mrs. Sachi Kumari


A Society where every one has equal opportunity for growth and development along the line of her / his own genius.

  • Preserve and Promote Arts and Culture of the plateau of Chotanagpur.

  • Foster a sense of brotherhood amongst the member of the Society.

  • Inculcate the habit of self criticism and criticism to raise standard of life.

  • Uplift downtrodden and underprivileged.

  • Establishing educational and training institutions as per the need of the society.


Cooperation, Equality, Equity and Mutual Participation


Women, Children, Tribals, Backward Section of the Society, Underprivileged, Persons with disability, School drop-outs,  Person in distress and in need of care & protection.


Ranchi District - Ranchi Town, Bero, Itki, Nagri, Ratu, Silli  and Kanke Blocks.
Gumla District - Sisai and Bharno Blocks.
CSS is State Convener of Jharkhand FORCES. CSS is also involved in state level advocacy


  • Promoting and empowering Women’s organization for entitlement realization

  • Combating Violence against women & Gender Related Issues

  • Socio Economic Empowerment and promoting self/collective Governance (PRI)

  • Family Counselling

  • Research & Documentation, Arts and culture

  • Child Protection, ECCD Rights

  • C.B.R. of Persons with Disability

  • Vocational Training and Education


  • First Appellate : Mrs. Sachi Kumari, Secretary

  • Public Information Officer :      

  • Asst. Public Information Officer : Mr. Ravindra Nath Shrivastava, Accountant

Why Arts & Culture

The success of any initiatives  largely depends how we pass our message. In 1968 the literacy level among the target group of the Organization was significantly low. Arts and Culture was selected as the  medium. We reached out to the people and conveyed our message through issue based songs, drama, documentaries, films, literature etc.

New Programmes

During 2013-2014  following programmes were started:-

 • Family Counselling Centre

 • Alternative Care for CNCP

 • Livelihood program for PWD

Nothing for US Without Us